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Following their passion for the forlorn or forgotten, friends Greer Freed and Amberley Baker opened the doors to Womenfolk, a consignment store in Jackson, Wyoming that offers a unique collection of designer and vintage women’s clothing and accessories, sourced for the most part from locals with a connection to their place of residence.

As Greer describes it, “Womenfolk is an amalgamation of many of my lifelong loves and personal experiences.” With items that range from classic Western pieces to contemporary treasures, the store’s finely curated selection provides surprising juxtapositions of nostalgia and luxury.

From a vintage Celine shoulder bag to a hand-beaded coin purse, Freed and Baker are offering up more than a refined sense of fashion. “Jackson is still a very challenging place to live and those who are here choose to be here,” says Greer. “Womenfolk is built upon the stories of native women who first inhabited this land, the women who homesteaded this place, the women who built a community here and the women who make their lives here today. We are a unique breed.”

With a nuanced understanding of the storied town’s history and identity, here Greer grants us an insider’s perspective on where to go and what do when in the majestic seat of Teton County.

Jacques Marie Mage: Where do you go to dream or reflect?
Greer Freed: The Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve Center in Grand Teton National Park.

JMM: Where do you go for a guilty pleasure?
G.F: Persephone Bakery. I can tell you without hesitation, they make the best chocolate chip cookies anywhere.

JMM: Where do you go for a must-have meal?
G.F: Snake River Grill has been our special occasion tradition for the past 20 years.

JMM: Where do you go to mingle with locals?
G.F.: Snake River Brewery or The Bird.

JMM: What is your favorite horse trail?
G.F.: The Poker Flats Trailhead is a good starting point for a number of trails.

JMM: Where do you go to experience Jackson’s finest expression of craftsmanship?
G.F.: Womenfolk :) Also, Sing Hat Co.

JMM: Where is the best swimming hole?
G.F.: String Lake in Grand Teton National Park and Granite Hot Springs in the Bridger-Teton National Forest.

JMM: Where is the best fishing hole?
G.F.: Flat Creek, on the National Elk Refuge, is a legendary cutthroat trout stream.

JMM: Which one piece of "art" would you suggest anyone in Jackson to see?
G.F.: The National Museum of Wildlife Art is a work of art in itself. They have a gorgeous permanent collection and wonderful acclaimed seasonal exhibits.

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