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Phototagrapher Larry Niehues captured prolific rock and roll photographer Brad Elterman, at his Bel Air home, wearing his favorite frame from our Circa Collection, The Dealan, and holding his historic Canon FT QL. Elterman and our Dealan frame both share a common heritage based on a fascination with legendary rock and roll musician, Bob Dylan... "Bob Dylan was a god to me. He is the reason I become a photographer....His concert with The Band was the first show I ever photographed. It was not enough to me. I wanted to meet him, speak with him and take his photo." - Elterman. His photos from the '70s and '80s captured rare and intimate moments with musicians like Dylan, Bowie, Lennon and many more- in an immediate, snapshot-like style with a particular blend of gritty glamour that they are now recognized for.

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