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“Michael and I are similar in that we take a cinematic approach to the creative process,” says Kate Bosworth, recalling her and husband Michael Polish's recent collaboration with luxury eyewear brand Jacques Marie Mage (J.M.M).

The unique partnership resulted in two new styles: “Fascination Street” and “Son of a Gun”, designed by Bosworth and Polish, respectively.

The project is inspired by the couple's appreciation for Americana, as well as their dynamic interpretation of the longstanding Artist/Muse relationship, a dichotomy that the actress-producer and writer-director admit to inhabiting fluidly and interchangeably since their marriage in 2013.

“There is a romance behind the design process of these glasses,” says Bosworth, “and ultimately, we hope that translates to the product.”

A touch of idyllic love, childhood nostalgia, and Golden Age Hollywood fandom infuse these spectacles with their own unique spirit, perfectly complementing J.M.M.'s signature mix of classic styling and exquisite craftsmanship.

“I like to think of our two spectacles as two different artistic visions meeting at a dark intersection: 'Fascination Street' and 'Son of a Gun,'” says Polish. “It is a noir love story. A mystery that glasses naturally evoke upon meeting a stranger.”

JMM: Can you each describe the inspiration behind your glasses?

Michael: My main inspiration was my dad. He was a pilot and involved in law enforcement. The glasses are made with intense attention to detail, mirroring the technical side of being a pilot. They also embody the precision and strength involved with law enforcement. Functionality is key as well. I ride motorcycles and needed something that could serve its purpose while fitting under a helmet.

Kate: For my specific design, I wanted to pay homage to one of the great muses, Marilyn Monroe. We referenced many images of her within the design process. The shape of the glasses felt timeless and classic, like her. And yet the glasses also command attention, they make a statement and have a flare about them. We played with a variety of materials and glass colors to achieve this.

JMM: Can you each describe the significance of the names given to your respective glasses?

Michael: My father always carried a gun on him when I was young. It was a part of him, so in a way I am the “Son of a Gun.”

Kate: “Fascination Street” is meant to suggest intrigue. A complexity, an allure, an attraction. Someone you can't help but be drawn to...

JMM: Why was it important for each of you to design a different frame, rather than work together to design a single frame?

Michael: I am always trying to impress my muse, Kate. I wanted to make something she would find attractive. I couldn't pull that off in her glasses. She would look hot in mine, though.

Kate: Each design compliments the other. It was important for us to individually represent a feeling, but honestly, I would wear Michael's design just as much as my own.

JMM: What themes do the frames, and their relationship, draw upon, and how do they relate to your actual relationship?
Kate: We view ourselves as equal partners, creatively and romantically. I like to think the eyes that wear these glasses view love the way we do. Love is everything - the only thing.

Michael: Also, aviators were invented for a purpose, they come with a fingerprint of sorts. From Top Gun to George Michael, there's inherent cool factor when the practical becomes pop culture.

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