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The past is always present, remains ravenous, stalks us like a primordial shadow of the future. And when embraced, it can devour us, or deliver us unto fruitful shores.

Pain can be transformed to Power.

Fear can flower into Bravery.

Fragility can embolden Strength.

Controversy can catalyze Change.

No one quite embodies these evolutions today as Sergei Polunin.

The accomplished dancer and burgeoning actor, known for his meteoric rise through the ranks of ballet (becoming a Principal Dancer at the young age of 19), has since performed as a freelance principal at multiple dance companies; gone viral in the David LaChapelle-produced video for “Take Me To Church”; has recently featured in the films Murder on the Orient Express (2017) and Red Sparrow (2018); and will be seen next in Ralph Fiennes' upcoming film The White Crow.

Here, for the Jacques Marie Mage Summer 2018 campaign, Mr. Polunin accompanies acclaimed actress Anna Brewster, the two artists locked in an invisible exchange, dancing in the static between the seen and invisible, the sound and silence, the iconic and unimagined.

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