Impeccable style and state of the art technology prove a powerful pair in the Titanium Collection by Jacques Marie Mage. As a pioneer of the innovative combination of acetate and titanium, JMM emphasizes both robust construction and uncompromising comfort.

To forge this limited edition collection of wire-rimmed eyewear, JMM's team of Japan-based artisans utilize 100% beta¬ titanium, a type of titanium alloy that has high tensile strength and is especially resistant to corrosion. Beta titanium is also fully heat treatable and provides great elasticity, giving JMM frames a sturdiness that ensures a perfect fit that lasts.

The process starts with building molds out of high carbon die steel with a 10-micron tolerance, which is 10 times more accurate than an acetate tool. Frame parts are then forged by Japanese metal presses, often using as much as 350 tons of pressure to bend and mold the titanium into precise mechanical parts. Parts are cleaned using ultrasonic purified water, eliminating any trace of oil or grease to ensure absolute perfect welding.

Artisans weld tiny spots or sections of the frame in bursts lasting 0.5 seconds, making sure to moderate pressure, temperature and electric current to ensure a perfect weld. Smaller parts of the frame are laser welded to ensure flawless construction. Finally, each frame is polished by hand over 5 times to ensure the perfect finish. The art of polishing is one that takes decades to master, and it is this important step that reveals the true inner beauty of the titanium frame.

Redefining the old paradigm of wire frame glasses in wholly new terms, JMM combines old-world workmanship with modern design, resulting in an effusion of poetic forms that are both rugged and refined. Take for example, the “Seberg”, a ‘50s-inspired frame featuring a prominent brow bar and soft lens shape that calls back to the artistry and decadence of the French New Wave.

The Titanium Collection has evolved to include a considerable number of seductive features, such as a never-before-seen, 4mm-deep titanium eye rim, with JMM's signature Art Deco hairline engraving. Glasses also come equipped with custom titanium nose pads that are ergonomical and lightly engraved with lines for grip, as well as circular temple tips that are hand painted with JMM's exclusive Burgundy enamel, giving the frame a fine jewelry finish.
With over 300 steps in the production process—including pressing, welding, and polishing—a single frame takes nearly 5 months to create. The results are uniquely crafted spectacles that are exceptionally durable and lightweight, a modest testament to artisanship and ingenuity.

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