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Music is fundamental to our very experience of being human, and it has been especially influential in the creation of Jacques Marie Mage eyewear. While the songs themselves are usually the inspiration that so profoundly invigorate our minds and spirits, its also the song makers and performers that often captivate our imaginations with their unique styles, provocative mumblings, and unwavering commitment to personal expression.

A prime example is the DEALAN, the very first glasses (and still the most popular) designed by Jacques Marie Mage, inspired not only by the music and ethos of Bob Dylan, but by the actual pair of black spectacles he wore throughout the tumultuous mid-1960's while touring Europe. Dylan can be seen wearing his iconic dark shades throughout his 1965 UK tour, after which he was hailed as a hero of folk. Two months after returning, he'd alienate his fans by going electric.

On his 1965 album Highway 61 Revisited we find the newly electric Dylan infusing his folksy past with language that is poetic, snotty, and a hair too clever for its own good.
An album that helped pave the way for American garage and proto-punk, Dylan’s nervy jangle and devil-may-care charisma were epitomized by his black cat-eyed sunglasses, both the singer and his spectacles immortalized as icons of the era.

The DEALAN pays homage to this unique relationship between a man and his eyewear, incorporating bold volumes and sharp lines that evoke a timeless charisma.

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