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  • Jacques Marie Mage

    Spring 2017 collection
  • The fight for individuality and freedom in the face of cultural homogeneity and societal oppression is as old as civilization itself. But the status quo is never so easily bucked. The playing field is always far from even, and the performance of heroism is rarely idyllic. This struggle —for expression, for dignity, for representation—is hardly the sole domain of the pure and righteous, but a battleground full of outliers: Unique men and women of dubious morals and motives nonetheless fighting with integrity for what they believe. The Spring 2017 Collection is a homage to those auteurs, artists, activists and outcasts who defied the easy dichotomies in order to take a principled stand. Reaching beyond ennui, angst and indecision, these are spectacles rooted in the stories of Apache leaders, existential philosophers, and controversial aesthetes. These are spectacles forged in the visual vocabularies of liberation.
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