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  • Kate Bosworth - Michael Polish Collaboration

    Summer/Fall 2017
  • Limited-edition designer goods brand Jacques Marie Mage (J.M.M.) continues its trajectory as an industry innovator with another powerful collaboration, this time with actress/producer Kate Bosworth and writer/director Michael Polish. The project is inspired by the couple’s appreciation for Americana, as well their dynamic interpretation of the longstanding Artist-Muse relationship, a dichotomy they admit to inhabiting fluidly and interchangeably since their marriage in 2013.
    Their recent exploration of eyewear has resulted in two new J.M.M. styles: “Fascination Street” and “Son of a Gun”, designed by Bosworth and Polish, respectively.
    While both glasses draw inspiration from dramatically different sources (Polish from his Pilot father and Bosworth from Marilyn Monroe), the designs are linked by the couple’s shared sense of love and creativity.
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