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  • Jacques Marie Mage

    The Light & The Shadow - Summer 2018 collection
  • Leaps of faith like leaps in fashion often spring with silent ferocity from a bubbling well of influence and anxiety, experience and education, hope and history.

    As evidenced by the maelstrom of controversy inspired by Yves Saint Laurent’s infamous 1971 collection of 40s-inspired haute couture:

    The past is always present, remains ravenous, stalks us like a primordial shadow of the future. And when embraced, it can devour us, or deliver us unto fruitful shores.

    Mr. Laurent’s collection shocked the world, and changed fashion forever. Proving, if nothing more, that pain can be transformed to power. Fear can flower into bravery. Fragility can embolden strength.

    No one quite embodies these evolutions today as Sergei Polunin, distinguished dancer of the dark whose athletic and emotive style has, like a lion, dragged classical ballet into the new millennia.

    For our Summer 2018 campaign, Mr. Polunin accompanies acclaimed actress Anna Brewster, the two artists locked in an invisible exchange, traversing unknowable cycles of sound and silence, shadow and light.

    Its here, from within the whirlwind of these transformative dualities, that Jacques Marie Mage quietly observes the duet between the seen and invisible, the iconic and forgotten, poised and ready to devour and deliver the truest expressions of our culture and craft.
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