• The Vanguard Collection is produced in Valdobbiadene, Italy by esteemed manufacturing partners who’ve developed proprietary methods that allow for the design of unexpected material combinations and colorways. With a facility that sits atop a hillside overlooking a dense strip of vineyards, it’s here that artisanship meets innovation, and eyewear is elevated to art object.

“Our obsession with quality demands that we utilize only the most precious materials, develop the most innovative hardware, and partner with the most respectable eyewear manufacturers in the world in order to create a rarefied product that embodies a perfect balance of form, function, and fairness.”

  • Jacque Marie Mage works closely with two of the worlds most exclusive factories to manufacture limited-edition spectacles acclaimed for their innovative designs and unparalleled craftsmanship. Our esteemed manufacturing partners in Japan and Italy are steeped in a rich heritage that stems from the golden age of eyewear production, and employ fair and ethical production methods that uphold JMM’s business standards of respect, compassion, and transparency. Utilizing a combination of traditional techniques and cutting edge technologies, our handcrafted spectacles appeal to the highest standards of workmanship and ethical responsibility.

Over one hundred hands touch each JMM spectacle before its arrival at our Los Angeles headquarters, part of a 300-step process that ensures artistic and technical excellence.

Each component of Jacques Marie Mage eyewear is carefully considered throughout every phase of its creation, from conception to completion, in order to offer products that stand alone as exquisitely crafted collectibles. Over one hundred hands touch each JMM spectacle before its arrival at our Los Angeles headquarters, a testament our unsurpassed quality-control process. Our tolerance policy includes a final twenty-point measurement test for all fit specifications and detail finishes, virtually eliminating any chance of production flaws. Crafted with the highest level of manufacturing prowess and tested with the lowest tolerance standards possible, Jacques Marie Mage products are designed to last a lifetime.


Handcrafted in Italy, the Vanguard Collection moves beyond the traditional wire core construction of conventional glasses by introducing proprietary acetate lamination methods that allow for innovative designs, material combinations, and unexpected volumes. Our Italian manufacturing partners are the only one in the world that has achieved success in this kind of lamination process, having developed and tested this unique system over the course of several years. This invaluable artisanal experience has led to JMM’s development of a custom “car door” hinge system, as well as the introduction of sculptural temple designs and vibrant color combinations never before seen in eyewear.
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