• Jacques Marie Mage is an ecologically conscious brand that cares deeply about national park conservation, particularly the care and protection of its wildlife. That’s why every year we donate a percentage of annual revenue to Yellowstone Forever and Living With Wolves, two compassionate science-driven organizations working to sustain gray wolf populations. With their guidance, we hope to contribute our voices and resources to proactively protecting these canine guardians of the western frontier.

"There is nothing so American as our national parks. The fundamental idea behind the parks is that the country belongs to the people, that it is for the enrichment of all of us."
— Franklin D. Roosevelt


By purchasing a pair of Jacques Marie Mage spectacles, you are helping to preserve American wildlife.

Jacques Marie Mage has chosen to partner with Yellowstone Forever and Living With Wolves in order to support the ongoing stewardship of the country’s gray wolf populations. Inhabiting a mere 15% of their historical range, the value of the wolf as a keystone species is still questioned, and the existence of the Rocky Mountain-area wolf population still threatened. Additionally, national parks and public lands across America are facing a crisis of popularity. Technology, successful marketing, and international tourism have brought a surge in visitation that has outstripped the park’s resources. Its for these reasons and so many more that Jacques Marie Mage is dedicated to contributing to the awareness and protection of America’s national parks and wildlife. By donating a percentage of every spectacle sold to Yellowstone Forever and Living With Wolves, we hope to contribute our voices and resources to proactively protect what writer-historian Wallace Stegner called "the best idea [America] ever had.”

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