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  • Jacques Marie Mage donates a percentage of every spectacle sold to The Yellowstone Park Foundation and Living With Wolves,  an awareness based organization,  to protect America's National Parks and its wildlife., Over-development,  pollution and irresponsible recreational use have put our parks and their animal residents in peril. We hope to contribute our voices and our resources to proactively healing and preserving those places and species that captivate our curiosities. 

“Sustainability is not a luxury, it’s a true necessity. At J.M.M., we think of our industry in the same way as our ecosystem—as a precious resource to be cultivated and cared for. Our products are shaped by global concerns and personal passions, with respect for the people and places that continuously shape our ever-evolving worldview.”


By purchasing a pair of Jacques Marie Mage spectacles, you are helping to preserve American wildlife.

Jacques Marie Mage wishes to protect and enhance America’s National Parks for present and future generations, as well as the well being of their resident animals, which capture our curiosity and our hearts. Particularly, Jacques Marie Mage has chosen to partner with The Yellowstone Park Foundation's Wolf Project, founded in 1994, in order to support the park's endeavors for restoring the location's vast ecosystem via the reintroduction and protection of the grey wolf in Yellowstone National Park. The program's efforts and research have shown that the rippling benefits of their cause are significant within Yellowstone Park- from the reappearance of willow and aspen trees, to the return of beavers, and increased populations of red foxes. As of 2014, the gray wolf has been delisted throughout the northern US Rocky Mountains and wolves are hunted in each state surrounding Yellowstone. Therefore, more than ever, support for The Wolf Project has become essential to maintaining population dynamics throughout this region.

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