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  • Jacques Marie Mage is unwavering in its commitment to produce spectacles of the highest taste and quality. The unique colorways, sculptural shapes and reflective volumes that have become the hallmark of the Circa Collection are created through a complex production process overseen by our esteemed manufacturing partners in Japan.

    The collection also introduces a range rare subtleties, decorations, and innovative components, all of which celebrate a strong and unique ocular identity. Features include CR39 or mineral glass lenses; finely worked metal detailing in both sterling silver and 18k gold; custom rivet and engraved wire core designs; a proprietary concealed hinge system; and our signature domed cameo logo.

  • Jacques Marie Mage designer goods are acclaimed for their innovative designs and unparalleled craftsmanship. Handmade in Japan using a combination of traditional techniques and cutting edge technologies, our esteemed manufacturing partners are steeped in a rich heritage that stems from the golden age of eyewear production. The resulting products are intricately crafted frames of artistic and technical excellence that appeal to the highest standards of workmanship and ethical responsibility.

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